The Tourism Club of our college started functioning in the year 2002 with the motto “Spreading the Spirit of Tourism”. The club organizes seminars, group discussions, tourism quiz, trekking, hiking, identification of tourist spots etc. for the members of the club with the help of tourism department. Tourism camps, study tours and other state level programmes are arranged for selected members of the Tourism Clubs. The membership is limited to 60 students as directed by the Department. Bhoomitra Sena
The Club started its activities for the year 2016-17 by celebrating World Environment Day on June 6th. An awareness class on “Environment conservation – the need of the Hour” was conducted by coordinator, Dr. Remalakshmy Poduval.
This year two major initiatives were taken up by BMC
Rain Water Harveting
On July 3rd, the club observed “Anti Plastics Day” by clearing a pit located in the campus. The BMC representatives decided to maintain this pit for rain water harvesting. By this initiative, water could be stored and also diverted to artificial recharge system.
Solid Waste Management
With the slogan “Charity begins at Home”, the BMC representatives spread awareness among the students of the college on the need for solid waste management. They demon- strated to the students how to segregate green and plastic wastes. The representatives had an opportunity to visit Mr. K.V. Deyal home where he demonstrated a unique way of converting food wastes to organic manure.
Two bio compost units were set up at the college premises to manage the food waste.

Coordinator:Unni M S