About Department


            Empowering individuals through Physical Education to lead active, healthy lives.


            Cultivating Physical literacy, sportsmanship, and teamwork for lifelong wellness and fitness.

Department at a glance
 The Department of Physical Education Established in 1965, our Department has been all about promoting health and fitness among students. We focus on teaching students how to be physically active, play fair, and work together as a team. We have great facilities like a gym, yoga centre and courts for various sports. Students who are good at sports can join our programs, and we even offer a special course for 5th semester students   on health and life skills. We organize coaching camps for games like football, Kho-kho, and Cricket throughout the year, so students can compete at the university level. For those not competing, we have interdepartmental competitions on “Sports Day” to show off their skills. We also encourage students to take part in district and state-level competitions. And we organize friendly matches with high school students to build friendships and a sense of unity.