Water conservation strategies are vital for sustainability and responsible resource management. Devaswom Board College Thalayolaparambu has implemented effective strategies for efficient management of water resource. 

Policy statement

Campus-wide awareness shall be employed to address the problem of water scarcity and the role of students in discoursing the need of water conservation to the society. There is a need of consistent implementation of conservation measures and department wise instructions shall be given for monitoring the use of water by all. 


  • To conduct awareness programmes among students, faculty, and staff about the importance of water conservation 
  • To provide tips for reducing water consumption in daily activities.
  • To engage students in water conservation initiatives
  • To continue partnership with water authority for getting continuous water supply
  • To conserve rain water using a rainwater harvesting system 

Strategies adopted

  • Preparation and maintenance for a rainwater harvesting system to capture and store water that requires very little time and energy.
  • Water harvested can be put to functions like washing. 
  • Better landscaping practices that require less maintenance
  • To give awareness on  Less Water usage and prevent water damage 
  • Conduct awareness programme on World Environment Day, Earth Day and World Water Day on necessity of water conservation. 
  •  Regularly monitoring the taps and flush for leak detection and repair to prevent water wastage.