About Department


To serve as a beacon for the promotion and preservation of Hindi language, literature and culture through quality teaching and creating an excellent learning environment.


            To provide comprehensive education in Hindi language, literature, and culture, fostering linguistic proficiency, cultural awareness, and critical thinking skills.

Department at a glance

“The Department of Hindi has been a part of D. B. College’s language department since its establishment in 1965. It gained independent department status in 1980 with the introduction of the BA Degree Course. From its inception, the department has achieved notable success, consistently securing top ranks in MG University Degree examinations. In the academic year 2008-09, our students claimed both the first and second ranks, and in 2010-11, they secured the second and third ranks. This trend continued in subsequent years up to 2021, with students consistently performing well. In 2022-2023, the department excelled again, securing the first and seventh ranks in the university exam. Among the four faculty members, three hold PhDs, and one is UGC NET qualified, bringing extensive research experience to the discipline. The Head of the Department also holds a PhD and UGC NET qualification and serves as a Board of Studies member at MG University.”