The college has a policy for creation of Parent Teacher Association (PTA) to ensure a good teaching-learning environment. The PTA shall function at two levels of administrative ease and effective interaction I) The Departmental PTA II) The General PTA

Level I: The Departmental PTA

1. There shall be a DPTA for each UG and PG course with the Principal as the chairman and the teachers and the parents of the department concerned as members. Then teachers and parents interact with each other.

Level II : The General PTA

The General Body of the PTA shall consist of the Principal the members of the teaching staff, and parents of all students on the rolls in the college register.

The office bearers shall be as follows:

  • The President : A parent (preferably a graduate) who is a representative in the executive body elected by and from the members of the executive body.
  • The Secretary: A member nominated from among the members of the teaching staff in the executive body by the Principal.
  • The Treasurer: The Principal (Ex-Officio)

The executive body shall meet at least once a year.

The President shall preside over the meeting. The Secretary shall convene the meeting with the concurrence of the Principal and will be the custodian of the minutes book.

The Principal shall operate all accounts. The executive body of the PTA may authorize the Principal for the levy and collection of developmental financial assistance from students, parents of students, alumni or any other organizations or agencies.

The quorum for the meeting shall be one third of its members.

In case of any dispute in executive body on any other issue, the principal shall use his discretion to maintain order and to take decisions that the situation warrants.