Objectives: The primary objectives of the SC/ST Cell are:

  1. Support and Advocacy:
    • Provide a platform for SC/ST students to voice their concerns and grievances.
    • Advocate for the rights and welfare of SC/ST students within the college community.
  2. Guidance and Counseling:
    • Offer counseling services to address academic, personal, and social issues faced by SC/ST students.
    • Facilitate mentorship programs to support the holistic development of students.

Key Features of the SC/ST Policy:

  1. Equal Opportunity:
    • Ensure that SC/ST students have equal access to educational opportunities, resources, and facilities.
    • Implement policies that prohibit discrimination on the basis of caste or tribe.
  2. Reservations:
    • Implement and monitor reservation policies in admissions, scholarships, and other relevant areas.
    • Work towards creating a diverse and inclusive student body.
  3. Awareness Programs:
    • Conduct awareness programs to educate the entire college community about the history, culture, and challenges faced by SC/ST communities.
    • Promote a culture of inclusivity and sensitivity.

The committee members are:

  1. Dr. R Anitha Principal
  2. Dr. Sumesh N (Department of Politics) Nodal Officer
  3. Dr. Lajna P Vijayan (Department of Physics) Member
  4. Sri. K K Harilal (Office Superintendent in charge) Member
  5. Gadha Nandana K A Member

For any queries, assistance, or reporting related to the SC/ST Cell, please contact:

  • Name of the Coordinator:Dr Sumesh.N
  • Designation:Assistant professor
  • Contact Number:7025948173
  • Email Address:sumeshnadraj@gmail.com

Grievance Redressal:

The SC/ST Cell serves as a platform for addressing grievances related to discrimination or any other concerns faced by SC/ST students. Grievances can be reported through the online redressal form.