About Department

Since its inception as a language department in 1965 and later a full-fledged department offering an undergraduate programme in the 2014, we, at the English department have been stiving towards a culture of thinking that is open, articulate and responsible. This effort informs our method and practice. With the added advantage of interacting with students from across departments and orientations, we appreciate and encourage the heterogeneity of perspectives that form our classrooms. Given the importance of the English language with regards mobility and careers in the global context, communication and soft skills are important aspects of the learning outcomes we foreground.

We were upgraded to a graduate studies department with a master’s programme in 2020 with the introduction of a five-year Integrated Programme in M.A English. This ten-semester course that places literary studies in an interdisciplinary context, brings both the B.A and M.A English courses into a unified framework.

There are six permanent faculty members in the department with a variety of interests ranging from geopolitical concerns of the literary, film studies, questions of gender to theatre and translation studies.