Devaswom Board College, Thalayolaparambu is committed to providing an inclusive and
accessible educational environment for individuals with disabilities. Recognizing the diverse
needs of its student body, the college has implemented various facilities to enhance
Creating disabled-friendly facilities on a campus is essential to fostering inclusivity and
ensuring equal access to education and resources. These facilities go beyond mere compliance
with accessibility standards, aiming to create an environment that accommodates diverse needs
of individuals with disabilities.

 To provide inclusive education to students.
 To ensure execution of the norms and regulations as per Government orders.
 To provide equal opportunities for overall development.
 To instil the value of inclusiveness among the student community.

Statement of Policy
A comprehensive approach is maintained in the case of disabled students and staff and
special attention is given to monitor the campus facilities. Based on the routine assessments,
further amenities, when required, is provided.

Support system
Ramps have been strategically installed throughout the campus, facilitating easy access to
classrooms for individuals with mobility challenges. To further support students with
disabilities, human assistance is readily available on campus, ensuring ease of access to
The institution is dedicated to providing equal opportunities for all its students,
irrespective of their physical abilities. In line with this commitment, special provisions have
been made for students with disabilities during university exams. The availability of a scribe
facility is a testament to the college’s dedication to creating an equitable and supportive
academic environment. This service ensures that students facing challenges in writing due to
disabilities can avail necessary assistance during examinations.

 As per government norms and regulations, 1% of seats have been allocated to
students with disabilities which is pertinent in the case of staff appointed in the
 We strive to ensure that our facilities, events and resources are open for people
with disability.
 Ramps have been provided at all buildings to facilitate mobility for wheelchair
 Parking space is provided near buildings for convenient access.
 Signs and maps around campus show accessible routes and entrances.
 Provision of accessible toilets
 The institution works towards improving accessibility by incorporating
feedback from the disabled community
 Classrooms and examination rooms are arranged in the ground floor for easy
 Scribe facility is confirmed for all eligible students.
 Round the clock human assistance reflects our commitment to inclusivity.
 Everyone who joins the institution is valued, respected, and supported.

Divyangjan friendly facilities available on campus
 Ramps are provided at every building
 Reading Software in library
 Disabled friendly washrooms
 Wheel chairs for free access in the campus
 Scribe facility for examinations
 Disability support services are established to offer personalized assistance, in
order to ensure that all of the college’s resources are available to people with