About Department


To cultivate critical thinking, promote civic engagement, and advance understanding of political systems, institutions and processes. 


To provide rigorous academic training in political theory, comparative politics, international relations, and public policy by fostering interdisciplinary perspectives and research aptitude. Also aims at preparing students for careers in government, law, academia, advocacy, and beyond. Besides, the department may prioritize community engagement and outreach to address societal challenges through informed discourse and activism.

Department at a glance

The Department of Political Science started functioning in the year 1972 under the guidance of Prof. D.R. Sreedharan Nair. It is one of the oldest U. G. Departments in this institution. Many of its former students occupy key positions in different organizations. The list includes famous politicians, Members of Legislative Assembly, cine artists, teachers and others. The Department effectively empowers the students to critically evaluate the various shades of state, national and international politics through many learners centered activities. ‘Vox Populi’ an exhibit of national and international events displayed daily on an exclusive notice board is one such example for this endeavor. Moreover, the department celebrates national and international days of importance by organizing seminars and talks on relevant topics. Presently the department is strengthened by two permanent faculties and one guest faculty. Besides, two guest faculties for the subsidiary subjects (department of Economics and department of History) are also working as a part of the Department.