About Department


The vision of the Malayalam Research Department is to advance scholarly exploration and innovation in Malayalam language, literature, and culture, contributing to its enrichment.


The mission of the Department of Malayalam is likely centered around promoting and preserving the Malayalam language, literature, and culture. The vision may involve fostering academic excellence, research, and community engagement to ensure the continued growth and significance of Malayalam in the broader context.


The Department was established as a Degree Department with Prof. K. Vishnu Namboothiri as the HoD in 1972. Later it was elevated to a Post Graduate Department in the year 1998. This Department not only nurtures the love for mother tongue but also socio-cultural milieu through seminars, workshops, lectures and other cultural programmes relating to theatre, performing arts etc. The Department is equipped with a fully fledged digital theatre that offers valuable opportunities for the students to get acquainted with films and other visual media. In 2022,  it became a research department. The department is dedicated to pioneering comprehensive studies, fostering academic excellence, and advancing innovative research in areas related to Malayalam language, literature, and culture.