The Women’s Cell was constituted in the college, consisting of representatives from the Lady teaching Staff, Non-teaching staff, Vice Chairman, Lady representatives of the college Union, and all the female students of the college. The Women’s Cell aims to empower the female students of the college, making them self-sufficient through job training sessions, and also to make them aware of various problems and solutions they may face.

‘Tharjani’ vanithavedi at D B College, since its inception, has aimed at creating a gender-sensitized campus by steering a spectrum of cultural and social events to assert the importance and essence of gender equality. ‘Tharjani’ aims at social and intellectual upliftment, thereby empowering and orienting women to realize their true potential.

  1. Dr Manju V (Secretary)
  2. Dr Nisha A (President)


  1. Dr Aswathy G
  2. Dr Jicy N
  3. Dr Archana V