About Department


  • To deliver quality teaching and excellent learning environment


  • Providing competent and qualified teachers offering the best coaching
  • Enhancing the standard of the society through education and outreach programs
  • Creating an atmosphere of enthusiasm and positive thinking

Department at a glance

Department of Botany was started in the year 1977 with three faculty members under Prof. P.K. Krishnan Namboothiri. To cater to the interests of degree students, the Department maintains a collection of preserved plant materials, herbal garden with plants of medicinal importance, fern house, Nakshathra vanam. A collection of herbaria of the locality is also maintained.

The Department organizes an array of competitions for students and also extend services to the neighborhood community through various extension/outreach activities.  Students are given the opportunity to interact with eminent resource persons through the National and International webinars organized by the department.  Every year a seminar/webinar is conducted as part of the ‘Alumni Lecture Series’ with an objective of familiarizing students to their peers and the path they assumed after graduation. In association with IQAC, the Department conducts webinars under the ‘Medha Webinar series’ every year.