1. Every student/ staff of the college is eligible for getting membership of the library.
  2. Library card is mandatory for borrowing books from the library. Library borrower cards are not transferable. The borrower is responsible for the books borrowed on his/her card.
  3. Library borrower cards are valid for the respective academic period only. At the end of the academic course borrower cards should be returned to the library.
  4. Loss of borrower cards should be reported to the librarian in writing. An amount of Rs.50/- per card will be charged for the lost card. Duplicate can be issued on special sanction.
  5. Library doesn’t have any charges or payment for referring of documents and borrowing books.
  6. Borrowed books are non-transferable, and a borrower shall remain responsible for material issued to him/her until it is returned.
  7. The overdue fine of Re. 1.00 will be charged per day after the due date for the books.
  8. Issued books will be renewed only two times for the same member at a time.
  9. Reference books, Multi-volume books, Magazines, Journals and Newspapers will not be issued.
  10. For loss of library books, user has to replace with a new book with the same edition or its latest edition or to remit triple the original purchase cost of the book. If the book lost belongs to a set of multi volume books, the cost of the entire set of volumes will be recovered from the borrower.
  11. Any unhealthy practices such as stealing library documents, tearing or damaging the documents will be severely punished. Writing or underlining in a book or tampering in any manner is strictly prohibited.
  12. No library material can be taken out of the library without permission. Unauthorized removal of anything belonging to the library will be treated as theft and dealt accordingly.
  13. New arrivals of books are displayed in the entrance of the library.
  14. Documents taken out of the shelves must be left on the circulation counter. Replacing the books on shelves is not encouraged as it may get misplaced. Misplaced book is like a lost book.
  15. If you face any difficulty, please do not hesitate to contact with Library staff. 
  16. Each student shall obtain No dues certificate from the library after returning all the books issued, surrendering the borrowers’ cards and paying outstanding dues, if any.
  17. Librarian may recall the books already issued to any member without assigning any reason thereof makes special.
  18. The College Librarian is the final authority regarding cancellation of membership in extraordinary circumstances.