BA, MA,Ph.D., M.Phil.
  • Educational Qualification 

1. Ph.D (2020) Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi 

2. M.Phil (2016) Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi 

3. Post-graduation (2013) Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi 

4. Bachelors (2011) Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala 

  • Teaching Experience 

Assistant Professor in the Department of English and Cultural Studies, Christ University  Bangalore (July 2022- December 2023). 

Assistant Professor (on contract) at Mannaniya College for Arts and Science, Pangode, University of Kerala. (June 2021 – June 2022). 

Teaching Assistant at Jawaharlal Nehru University (January 2016-December  2016) 

  • Academic Publications 

K.M Sreelakshmi. (2024). Populism, Democracy, and Dissent. Encyclopedia of New  Populism and Responses in the 21st Century. Springer. (Scopus). 

K.M Sreelakshmi. (2023). Identity, Memory and Temporal Experience in Amitav Ghosh’s  Gun Island Palimpsests of Identity and Memory. South Asian Literature in Focus Series,  Routledge. (Scopus). 

K.M Sreelakshmi. (2023). An Ethno-Ornithological Analysis of Word Formation Process in  Cholanaikkan Tribes in Western Ghats, Kerala. Isal Paithrkam. ISSN: 2582-550X. (UGC  Care list) 

K.M Sreelakshmi. (2022). The Juggling of Malayali Discourse in Arundhati Roy’s The God  of Small Things. Malayalam Literary Survey, Kerala Sahitya Akademi. Issue: January-March 2022. ISSN: 2319-3271. (UGC care list) 

K.M Sreelakshmi. (2021). Assessing Language Vitality: A Case Study of Cholanaikkar 

Tribe in Kerala, India. Language in India (Bloomington,USA), Vol. 21:5 May 2021. ISSN  NO: 1930- 2940 (peer-reviewed journal) 

K.M Sreelakshmi.(2019). Language Shift and Maintenance: A Study of Kani Tribes. Nepalese Linguistics, Volume 34: November 2019 Page no: 81-86 ISSN NO: 0259-1006 (peer reviewed journal) 

K.M Sreelakshmi. (2019). Terms of Address and Reference of Kannur and Calicut Muslims  in Kerala. Language in India (Bloomington,USA), Volume 19:9 September 2019 ISSN NO: 1930-2940 (peer-reviewed journal). 

  • Forthcoming Article 

K.M Sreelakshmi. (2024). Unlearning ideology through language learning. The Routledge  Handbook of the sociopolitical context of language learning. Routledge. (Scopus). 

  • Paper Presentations: 

• Presented paper titled “Language Learning in NEP: A transformative shift or  threat to Linguistic Diversity?” in Two -day National Seminar on NEP and its  Impact on Language Learning, organized by Mannaniya College for Arts and  Science and UGC HRDC, Pangode, University of Kerala. October 2023. 

• Presented paper titled “The Linguistic Situation of Cholanaikkar tribe in Kerala:  An Ethnolinguistic Study” in 9th Endangered and Lesser Known Languages Conference, Tezpur University, Assam,February 2021. 

• Presented paper titled “Gender Difference and politeness: a Case Study of  Mappila Muslims in Kerala” in 40th International Conference of the  Linguistic Society of India,Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore,  December 2018. 

• Presented paper titled “Language Shift and Maintenance: A Study of Kani Tribes  ” in 39th Annual Conference of the Linguistic Society of Nepal, Tribhuvan  University, Nepal, November 2018. 

• Presented paper titled “A Sociolinguistic Perspective in the Pattern of Borrowing:  A case study of Konkanis in Kerala” in 46th AICDL at Jadavpur University on  June 2018. 

• Presented paper titled “Do women use a Different Language?: A Case Study of Women’s Language in Matrilineal Muslim Communities” in 24th HLS Himalayan Language Symposium at Lucknow University, June 2018. 

• Presented paper titled “From Unidentified to identified: A Study on some of the linguistic features of Kani Tribes in Kerala” in SCONLI-11 at JadavpurUniversity,Kolkata on January 2017. 

• Presented Paper titled “Identifying the Endangered migratory communities of  India: Singphos and Khamptis” in National Seminar at Tezpur University Assam (in Association with ICPR, New Delhi), March 2014 


• Invited to the Institute of Transcultural and Asian Studies, Vilnius  University, Lithuania for a period of one month, 7 June 2019-6 July 2019 for  academic purpose. • Awarded Indian Council for Social Science Research Fellow 2017-2018.