Dr. Sandhya V Satheesh

M.Sc, MPhil, Ph.D.
  • Educational qualifications: M.Sc., MPhil., Ph.D.
  1. Ph.D. in Organic synthesis from karyavattom Campus Kerala University 
  2. MPhil from karyavattom Campus Kerala University 
  • Research interests
  1. Heterocyclic ring synthesis
  2. Hindered phenolic Antioxidants
  3. Synthesis of di-phenolic bis-aminothiazoles
  • Publications
  1.  Sandhya V.Satheesh,  Kallikat N. Rajasekharan, Krishnapriya K. Girija, Priya R. Maheswari, Akhila V. Radha. :Mechanochemical synthesis of novel 1-[(arylthiocarbamoyl)amidino] pyrazoles and their application in thiocarbamoylguanylations  : Arkivoc 2018, part iii, 315-325:
  1. Sandhya vyjayanthy satheesh, akhila vijayan radha, Krishnapriya krishnan nair girija, kallikat Narayanan Rajasekharan and priya rani maheswari: Hindered phenolic aminothiazoles – synthesis, α-glucosidase, α-amylase inhibitory and antioxidant activities J. Serb. Chem. Soc. , 2017, 82 (10) 1087–1095
  • Conferences attended/presented

a. Sandhya V.Satheesh,  .,Reji,P.K and Rajasekharan, K.N Synthesis of 2-Amino-4-phenylthiazole-5-yl sidnone-4-yl-Methanone Annual IIT Madras 

b. ,Sandhya V.Satheesh,  and Rajasekharan, K.N.: Synthesis of Diaminoketothiazoles with a hindered Phenolic Unit: , CUSAT Kochi, 2008

  • Projects 

    Title of the project: Synthesis of diphenolic bis-2-amino thiazoles as novel antioxidants Funded Agency kerala state council for science, technology and environment (KSCSTE) Women scientist division

            Total coast of the project                                  : 14,16,000 Rupees

             Position                                                             Principal Investigator 

  • Institutional responsibilities
  1. N.S.S. Program Officer (May 2020, – June 2023)
  2. Union Advisor 2018-22
  3. KSWDC Women cell coordinator 2018-23
  4. Staff Editor 2017 &2018
  5. Coordinator national Seminar on current trends in chemistry (NSCTC-2024) 
  • Courses and trainings attended
  1. Orientation Program UGC HRDC Kerala University, Kerala 28 days (27-02-2019 26-03 2019)
  2. Refresher course UGC HRDC Mizoram University, Mizoram15days  (24-09-2019 to 07-10-2019)
  3. Refresher course Online Two-Week Faculty Development Programme in Chemistry and Allied Sciences – FDPCAS-2023 Department of Chemistry and Chemical Sciences, Central University of Jammu. 14 days (26-10-2023 to -8-112023)