Dr. R. Anitha


Research interests: Research Guide (UO. No. 5132 AVI/1/RG/10698/2014/Acad. Dated15/10/2014)

Areas of interest:   Film Studies, Womens’ Studies, Indian aesthetics and Modern Poetry

Completed Research Projects

1.Women Directors of IndiaUGC- major2 years and 6 months8,00,600
2.Implications of Bharthrhari’sVakyapadiyaUGC- minor2 years35,000

Research supervision : Number enrolled – 8, number submitted – 1

Publications in Journals


Title .


01.Mortal Combats From Classics to Contemporary: Archetypes in the Matrix of Melville’s Nautical Fictional CombatsShodhSarita: International Bilingal Peer Reviewed Refereed Research JournalISSN-2348-2397 vol 7 Issue 28, 2020, 32-36
02.Resurrection of Paradise: An Ecofeminist Reading of Gift in GreenInternational Journal of Research in Social SciencesISSN:2249-2496, vol 8 issue 10, 2018, 1295-1303
03.The Coming of Age of Indian Women Directors: The Golden Age of the 80’sSB Academic ReviewISSN:0973-7464,2018, 25, 138-149
04.The Clash of Wills: An Eco-critical Reading of P. Valsala’s novel NelluThe Investigator – An International Refereed Journal ofMultidisciplinary ExplorationsISSN 2454-3314, 2017, 3, 1-9
05.Raising Eyebrows: An Indian Aesthetic Reception of the Dirty PictureJournal of dbctISSN 2348-7984, 2017, 4, 68-77
06Women’s Films as a Medium for Raising Women’s ConcernsContemporary Discourse: A Peer Reviewed International JournalISSN 0976-3686, 2014,Vol 5,1-7
07Alternate Modes of Cinematic Representations by Women DirectorsResearch Lines: Peer Reviewed Interdisciplinary Research JournalISSN 2249-6696, 2014, vol 7,12-15
08Women in Control: Contributions of Women as Film DirectorsLabyrinth: An International Refereed Journal of Postmodern StudiesISSN 0976-0814, 2014, vol 5,39-45
09In the Line of Fire: Deepa Mehta’s Films, Critics and CensureJournal of dbctISSN 2348-7984, 2014, vol 37, 55-65
10A Comparative study of Vakyapadiya and Western Literary and Philosophical ConceptsSB Academic ReviewISSN 0973-7464, 2014,  21, 3-15
11Yeats’ Dramatic Verse The Wanderinngs : A Rasadhvani AppreciationLitcritISSN 0970-8049, 2013, vol 44-50
12A Comparative Study of Vakyapadiya and Western Literary TheoriesContemporary Issues in Languages and HumanitiesISSN No 2249-9792 vol 3, Issue 1, 2013, 5-16
13The Aesthetics of Popular FictionEnglish Activities UpdateISSN 0976-3643, 2010, vol1, 7-16
14From Paradise to Quagmire: The Return of the Native in Adiga’sThe White TigerSTARS International journalISSN 0973-7812 vol 4, No.1&2. 2010, 43-47
15The Language of Postmodern PoetrySB Academic ReviewISSN 0973-7464, 2007, vol 14, 82-90
16Laghupaniniya: A Unique modern work of Sanskrit GrammarMultidisciplinary ReviewISSN 0971-1457, 1996, 7, 11-15

Publications as Books or as Chapter


Title with Page Nos.
Book,Title,Editor &Publisher
01Dhvani Theory and Poetry of W B YeatsNew Bharatiya Book Coporation, New Delhi ISBN 81-8315-080-2, 2006
02Bharthrhari’sVakyapadiya: Its Linguistic and Literaey Implications with Special Reference to Modern English PoetrySukrtindra Oriental Research Institute, KochiISBN 978-81-908966-0-3, 2010
03Women Directors of IndiaNew Bharatiya Book Coporation, New DelhiISBN 978-81-8315-166-314-0, 2017
04Issues that MatterMacmillan EducationISBN 93-87000-44-3, 2017
05Rubrics of the Mindmainspring publishersISBN 978-93-89199-05-5,2019
06Nature AnthemOrient BlackSwanISBN 978-93-5287-766-9,2019
07The LabyrinthMacmillan EducationISBN 978-9388-29631-1, 2019
08Palette of KairaliMacmillan EducationISBN 978-93-89518-27-6, 2019
09AnpathilethiyaAalkoottathinteSamakalikathvam18 malayala novel padanangal, Dept of MalayalamISBN 978-81-950887-1-3
10Aathiyudeadiyumanthavum: OruPaaristhitikaSaamskarikApagradhanamThiranjedutha Novel Vayanakal, Dept of MalayalamISBN 978-93-81731-79-6

Invited Lectures / Resource Persons and Papers

Sl.No.Title of theLecture or Paper
Organized by
1.The Clash of wills: An Eco-critical Reading of P.Valsala’s Novel NelluAssociation for Cultural and Scientific Research2017International
2.Cinema: The All Perceiving Mirror of Creativity Reflection and Re-presentationThe PG Dept of English, The Cochin College2016National
3.Resurrection of Paradise: An Ecofeminist Reading of Gift in GreenHigher Education and Research Society2014International
4.Implications of Vakyapadiya in Modern English PoetryThe Dept of Sahitya, Govt.Sanskrit College, Tripunithura2013National
5.In the Line of Fire: Deepa Mehta’s Films, Critics and CensureThe Dept of Comparative Literature, Central University of Kasargod2012International
6.An Indian Perception of the Dirty PictureDept of English, UC College, Alwaye2012National
7.Divine Sculptor: The Organics of MT’s Screenplay PerumthachanThe Dept of English, St.Joseph’s College for Women2012National
8.Culture and Consciousness in the film of Women DirectorsThe Dept of English, Govt. college,
9.Rasa Theory as appraised by Anandavardhana and Abhinavaguptha: A universal tool for poetic evaluationThe Dept of English, St.Cyril’s College, Adoor2009National
10.Globalization as epitomized in AravindAdiga’s The White TigerCusat, Kochi2010National
11.Echoes of Indian Aesthetics in the Modern Literary ContextThe Dept of English, Devamatha College, Kuravilangad2010National
12.Echoes of suggestion in W.B.Yeats’ PoetrySreeSankara University of Sanskrit2013National
13.The Language of post Modern Poetry: A reality show of the realCusat, Kochi2013National
14.Conserving Culture Through Popular Malayalam Cinema: An OverviewCusat, Kochi2006National
15.Indo Nostalgic Writing in EnglishNSS College, Cherthala2009National

A. Administrative Experience outside the institution

Member, Syndicate (MG University) : 1 year (2018-20, 21-24)

Member, Senate (MG University)        : 1 year (2020-21)

B. Administrative Experience inside the institution

Head of Institution (Principal) : 6 years (2017 – present)

Head of the Department (English) : 2 Years (2014-16)

Union Advisor : 2 years (2016-17)

Assistant Superintendent of Exam : 3 years (2015-17)

IQAC Coordinator : 5 years (2013-2017)

Library Committee Convenor : 4 years (2013-2015)

NCC Officer : 3 years (2009-2011)

NSS Programme Officer : 3 years (2006-2008)

PTA Member : 3 years (2013, 2015, 2016)

College Council Member                     : 3 years (2012, 2014, 2017)

Magazine Editor : 1 year (2011)

Academic Experience

     Chairperson, Board of Studies : (2017-18)

     Member, Board of Studies : (2018- 2021)

    Chairman, Board of Question Paper setters
Member, Board of Question Paper setters
Member, Doctoral Committee

Subject Expert, MGU

Deputy chairperson in English for Tripunithura Valuation Camp

Achievements / Recognition

  1. Best paper award for contribution to the academia through research paper, 2014.
  2. Selected as youth delegate of the Indian Chapter of Religion for Peace organization to attend the 2015 ACRP Asia Pacific Interfaith Youth Network Youth Camp at Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 2015
  3. Selected as youth delegate of the Indian Chapter of Religion for Peace organization to attend the 2015 ACRP Asia Pacific Interfaith Youth Network Youth Camp at seoul, South Korea, 2013

Membership in academic bodies :